I don’t believe in unicorns (Work your way to the top)

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I love the lovely mythical creatures the world has made up over the times just as much as the next person, but when people expect miracles to happen so that one can come in and swoop them into the dream job or drop them off by the dream girl, I have a severe lack of understanding.

You need to make your own miracles, and they are rarely impossible. My personal ideas about how to find your way to the top of that personal tree/mountain/tower/pedestal and stay there:

Set goals and work on them daily

Create SMART goals, then break your bigger goals down into smaller goals, and smaller goals, and keep going until you have made your big, seemingly unreachable goals into micro-tasks that you can pop into your todo-lists every day. If it helps you deal with it easier, look at each goal as a project, and work on it from that angle.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

This is one I personally had to learn the hard way, I am terrible at asking for help, and prefer to deal with everything myself. It’s perfectly fine to call up a family member or a old friend and say «Hey, I am looking for a job within the field you work in, do you perhaps have anyone you could forward my CV to or introduce me to?» It is also fine to ask friends and family for support with personal matters, if you think you have a bad habit but are unsure how to break it, ask a friend to help you. (My best friend has been told to gibbs me whenever I bite my nails, it might seem harsh, but it works like a charm.) People around you that care about you in some way or another, are there for you if you need them, dare to lean a bit on them!

Find the right people

Networking is never talked about enough, and while it’s true that it will take you time to find the right friends that will play an eternal give and take-relationship out with you, and that it takes even longer to network with people that you might just see as acquaintances but that you could need to get you a job in the future, knowing people is USEFUL for both you and them! And usually one finds friends in the strangest places.

Do what works for you

Researching how others have found their way in life and listening to advise is fine, but never let someone else make your choices and decisions: It is NOT them dealing with the consequences or living for you, so you need to stand your ground and make that choice yourself, no matter how hard.

Don’t let problems stop you

 You get better and stronger from dealing with problems on the way to your goal, and you are going to look back at that problem in a while and giggle over your silliness for even noticing. Try to not go into depressed-mode next time the world seems to work against you, but think outside the box about getting around that mountain of problems, and you will feel awesome on the other side. 

I hope this made some sort of sense. Mainly what I try to say is that you need to go hunt down your amazing future, don’t just sit there waiting for it to hit you in the face, because that only happens on-screen. (Well, 95% of the time, anyways.)